What is the Endocannabinoid System (ECS)?

In order to stay healthy, you need to eat a varied diet, exercise, keep yourself hydrated, have restful sleep and avoid stress.
This supports our Endocannabinoid System, a system which regulates our bodies and helps us to maintain homeostasis (a biological system in perfect balance).

The Endocannabinoid system was discovered in the early 1990’s and has been described as ‘The supercomputer that regulates homeostasis in all mammals.’

The Endocannabinoid system is a vast network of receptors and endo-cannabinoids (chemicals created within the body) which regulate and maintain our brain, organs, immune system, nervous system, cardiovascular system, reproductive system, and gastrointestinal and urinary tracts.

Mothers milk has been found to contain cannabinoids which are thought to aid infants with their early development (the most natural of cannabinoid containing food supplements!)

Unfortunately, numerous factors such as poor diet, pollution, lack of exercise and stress can lead to our bodies being unable to produce endo-cannabinoids and the ECS becomes deficient.

Omega essential fatty acids, which we do not produce ourselves are precursors to being able to produce our own endo-cannabinoids.
Phyto-cannabinoids (cannabinoids from plants) are available from nature’s larder and can be found in a range of plants, most commonly from the Cannabis species, hence the name ‘cannabinoid’.

Hemp contains a wide range of phyto-cannabinoids, predominantly Cannabidiol (CBD), which if taken as a food supplement, can support your Endocannabinoid System.

We are the first generation of Humans to know about the ECS and as research escalates, knowledge around how the ECS functions, promises to revolutionise the food and health industry. It is most likely, the most important field of biology ever discovered.

Support your Endocannabinoid System with Molytor Supplements.

Are your hemp extracts derived from Cannabis?

Hemp has played a great part in our history and culture for thousands of years. Hemp has traditionally been a source of clothing, food, and oil. Our Navy was reliant on hemp for ropes and sails. Did you know that the body of the first Model T Ford was built from hemp and it ran on hemp seed oil?

Today, there are over 2500 commercial uses for hemp and it is the world’s most sustainable crop as it grows without herbicides and pesticides and it replenishes the soil by bringing up nutrients from the sub-soil.

The Latin name for Industrial Hemp is Cannabis Sativa L. and it is part of the cannabis family. It has been bred for fibre and seed but more recently, it is being grown for its high concentrations of useful cannabinoids, especially CBD.

Hemp is far removed from the strains of cannabis used for recreational use as it contains less than 0.2% THC. THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid present in high concentrations in recreational cannabis.

Following THC removal, our hemp extracts are legal and non psychoactive. Due to our hemp extracts extensive extraction procedures, our products are THC free.

Are you regulated?

The Cannabis Trades Association UK (CTA UK) was set up in response to the Cannabinoid Industry being unregulated. Molytor Limited are one of the 7 Founder Members of the CTA UK and have been involved in regulating the industry from the beginning.

Molytor Founder and Technical Director, Guy Coxall is one of the 7 Founder Members, a member of the Board of Directors and the Compliance Director for the CTA UK.

What is the Entourage Effect?

Although Cannabidiol (CBD) is the cannabinoid thought to be most effective in supporting the ECS, there are a wide range of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids present in hemp. It has been found that a full spectrum extract is more effective as they compliment each other to give what has been termed the ‘Entourage Effect’.

Why do you add terpenes?

Terpenes are present throughout the plant kingdom to both protect plants from pests and fungi and also attract beneficial insects, birds and animals to help with pollination.

We recognise terpenes as the essential oils (used in aromatherapy) which produce the lovely fragrances and flavours of plants, herbs and spices. The fragrances of flowers and pine are reminiscent of a summer walk in the woods.

The synergistic combination of cannabinoids and terpenes create the Entourage Effect which helps to support the Endocannabinoid System and increase the overall health benefits of our supplements.

Another reason for adding terpenes are the effects they can have on your mood; just as essential oils or burning incense can. Specific terpene profiles are a natural and beneficial way of affecting our mood which is why we have created Molytor Days and Nights.

Molytor Days contains added terpenes, profile as Cannabis Sativa without any of the terpenes being derived from Cannabis. This terpene profile can create a mood lifting effect, helping you to manage your way through life’s everyday difficulties.

Molytor Nights contains the same terpene profile as Cannabis Indica, again being Cannabis free.

Our terpene profiles are organic, Non GM and are of course Cannabis Free.

Are vapes more effective than oils?

All of our products are effective in supporting the Endocannabinoid System and it comes down to personal choice as to what your preferred method is.

Our CBD range of Molytor Vape liquids and Molytor Dabs (Isolate crystals and crumble) are of the highest quality. If you are undecided whether to use a Molytor oral use oil or a vape product, why not try our Molytor Hybrid oil. Molytor Hybrid can be added to your favourite E liquid or it can be taken orally.

Vaping cannabinoids is becoming increasingly popular and vaping does increase the bioavailability of cannabinoids.

Can I vape your oils?

You should never vape oils for oral use. Many oils on the market contain fatty acids and lipids and if these are vaped, it can cause lipid pneumonia which can be fatal.

You can however vape our Molytor Hybrid.