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Recommended Use

Can be taken sublingually (Place 1 – 5 drops under your tongue and hold it for 90 seconds (each drop contains approx 5mg CBD). Molytor Hybrid can also be added to your vapouriser tank. Do not exceed 30 drops per day.


  • The UK’s first hybrid CBD supplement (Can be taken orally or vaporised)
  • Completely non-psychoactive as this oil is THC free.
  • Hemp Extract Organically grown, solvent free and Non-GM. This product does not contain PEG, Nicotine, BHA or artificial colours.
  • Specially manufactured MCT oil from coconut provides a safe, natural alternative to VG/PG and it is flavourless.
  • Equivalent to a 50/50 ratio.
  • 1000mg of CBD (10%) in a 10ml bottle with trace amounts of other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.

Here at Molytor, we are excited to unveil the UK’s first hybridised, full spectrum, cannabinoid supplement. Whilst maintaining the purity and quality of our other oils, Molytor Hybrid Advanced gives you the flexibility to take drops orally or vaporise your cannabinoids by adding this oil to your vapouriser tank. Equivalent to a 50/50 ratio e-liquid.

The carrier oil is a specially manufactured MCT oil from coconut which is safe to vape. A perfect natural alternative to using VG/PG.

If you are new to CBD supplements, we recommend you start with the Molytor Hybrid Access.

(Do NOT attempt to vaporise other CBD oils as they can contain fatty acids and lipids and if these are vaped, it can cause lipid pneumonia which can be fatal).


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