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Recommended Use

Place 1 – 5 drops under your tongue and hold it for 90 seconds (each drop contains approx 5mg CBD) Do not exceed 30 drops per day.


  • Completely non-psychoactive as this oil is THC free.
  • Hemp Extract Organically grown, solvent free and Non-GM
  • 1000mg of CBD (10%) with trace amounts of other cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.
  • Dropper built into cap to aid accurate dosage


Molytor Nights Advanced is our best selling oil due to the added Indica terpene profile which helps to provide the properties of Cannabis Indica.

As with all of our CBD oils, Nights is a pure and fragrant, clear oil. In response to our research of what the consumer wants, we have evolved from the days of thick, black, earthy tasting oils and have developed the purest of oils whilst maintaining the full Entourage Effect.

The purity of our extracts is usually only afforded to those who vape as our extract has been winterised to remove unwanted plant material.

If you are new to CBD supplements, we recommend you start with the Molytor Nights Access.

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